Toile de Jouy

My favourite thing of the week, Toile de Jouy ( you can find out more about the fabric in apartment therapy design dictionary ) If you haven't noticed I love the patterns, I had a curtains made because I love it that much. I know its not everyones taste but I thinks it so fun, and I think it all started with watch my most favourite show ever, Pushing Daisies. I took inspiration from Olive Snook's bedroom, the set design on that show is phenomenal and I can go on for hours so I'll stop here....or else I really will go on for hours and hours, I am hopelessy devouted to that show. 

Pushing Daisies Screenshots by me
Olive's Pajamas match too. 

Dita Von Teese
First off I have to say that I have a such a girl crush of Dita von Teese, I adore her and so wanted to purchase her beauty book but found out its not being release until November. Obviously I want her wardrobe, but she also seems so sweet and sincere in her interviews, she knows who she is and she owns it. Definitely not a pretentious celebrity.

I have be scouring the web in search of a blue Toile de Jouy 50s dress and have had no luck, I made the mistake of not purchasing a very well priced dress on etsy when I had a chance. Sad Stefanie. BUT Bernie Dexter to the rescue. The dress shape is perfect, however I really want it in the blue fabric like Dita's, so heres to hoping Bernie releases one in blue too. 

Via Bernie Dexter

Frenchie Dress
via Bernie Dexter

Can I just own all the Bernie Dexter dresses. So many pretties on that site. I really liked the Frenchie dress because it has a very similar pattern and the colours are beautiful. Below are a few dresses from etsy, I love them but sadly some weren't in my size or were in the red pattern. 

Vintage 1950s Dress - Toile Print Day Dress in Pink and White
via Fabgabs

50s White & Blue Toile Print Full Skirt Dress by Jonathan Logan XS

vintage 1950s dress / 1960s dress / White and Hot Pink Toile Day Dress with Bow Belt/SOLD
As I was looking through my favourites on etsy to find these lovelies I got really sad seeing all the sold items. Anyone else get that? I get that pang in the stomach like "Dang why didn't I buy that" Oh well there is always more right?